What CPAs need to know for CPE

Juggling a busy lifestyle, along with the stress of studying, can make it difficult to keep up with state requirements for CPE. Below you will find 5 helpful tips every CPA should know for the CPE.

Determine if you are a minimum or maximum learner:

CPAs should decide if they want to maintain their credentials with less effort and
expense, or if they want to develop competencies or an understanding for their job with
a more comprehensive learning program

Don’t wait till the last minute to start studying:

This is a must for every student. If you want to succeed in education and even in life,
please do not wait till the last moment.

If you wait till the last moment you will not have enough time to go through each and every note in the website. Whatever you study
will not be stored in your memory for a longer period.

According to the researchers you need to study slowly and for a longer period of time in order to save things in your brain.
Therefor start early and start slowly.

You can easily go through the CPE course website to know the details and to find out
the credits needed to renew your license. After going through the website you can
proceed.Please go through every detail thoroughly since everything is important.

You should sign up for the newsletter for discounts and for other details:

NewsLetters have always been a good source of information in order for you to keep
yourself up to date. They will send you the latest updates in their specific fields.

In this scenario you will get the latest updates related accounting and it’s closely related other
fields. Apart from getting new updates; signing up for a newsletter you can get the latest
deals and take advantage of great discounts.

Therefor if you want to enrich yourself with the latest updates as well as get the latest discounts; please sign up for the newsletter.

CPA Exam Study Schedule

Nobody can pass exams without studying. Above mentioned theory applies to CPA
exams as well.Make studying for the exam a priority, even with a busy schedule.

You might find yourself cutting out extracurricular activities in order to squeeze in daily study
sessions. Make it a habit and make it compulsory; at the end you will get the desired

Check up on your state’s requirements

The requirements for the CPA exam and license vary from state to state even inside
United States. You must meet the basic requirements mentioned below in order to
register for the CPA exam. If you need to know more information on your states requirements.

  • You should be a citizen of the United States of America in order to register for the
    CPA exams.
  • Attended/attending an United States accredited college or university with a
    concentration in accounting.
  • Currently have or working towards a 150 semester hour degree (ex. BMAcc or
    Master’s Degree in accounting or business)
  • You should be older than 18 years in order to register for the CPA examination
  • Work or plan on working in the accounting industry. Public accounting firms are
    preferred but private accounting jobs are accepted by most states as long as one
    of your supervisors is a CPA that can sign off on your work.