tax season

It’s no secret that we are well into tax season already.

Tax Season Reminders To Your Clients

One of the first steps into getting yourself prepared for the 2016 tax season is sorting through your client database. For an accountant, a great way to start the year off is by engaging with last year’s tax returners. A friendly tax season reminder is a great way to touch base with your client base after a busy holiday season. This will also help get you those appointments booked so you can begin to prep for the busy tax season.

tax software

Now that we’ve got our clientele sorted out, it’s time to get your technology updated. It’s hard to imagine going through a tax season without the help of technology and various software systems used to make your life a whole lot easier. Updating your tax software systems should be a top priority before your first client walks through your door. Making sure you are up to date on the latest software updates will help avoid any mishaps. You might even want to reflect on your experience last year and consider a more efficient platform. Whatever you choose, you must always take into account the importance of securing your clientele’s information. In today’s cyber world, you can never be too cautious when it comes to sensitive information being exposed on the World Wide Web.

Up To Date With Continuing Professional Education

Along with your technology, you want to make sure the staff you have working for you, is benefiting you, not hurting you. As tax season becomes hectic, you will want to make sure you’ve got the right staff to help ease the tension that might come along with the busy season. Nothing is worse than having to explain a mistake to a client. Make sure your staff is refreshed on best practices and updated on any new policies and procedures to keep the office running smoothly.