CPA continuing education classes

For CPAs, there are a lot of different places you could get your continuing education courses online, and we recognize that.

The most important thing is to do your research on each organization offering CPA continuing education and make an informed decision that is best for you.

That’s why we’d like to take a few minutes to tell you all about ACCPE, and what you can expect from us in your continued education.

  1. Shorter tests for more credits

Most of our CPA continuing education exams are 25 questions long, a far cry from the 200+ question tests you might see elsewhere. Testing is important to make sure you’ve adequately learned important info, but we don’t want you to memorize facts to pass a test without committing anything to memory.

Most of our online CPA courses are 30 credits each, which means you’re typically getting more “bang for your buck” here. In fact, it’s about $3.60 per credit for courses through ACCPE. To top it all off, all of our courses are open book. The goal is to have you learn information necessary for your jobs, not to have you stressed out over passing a test.

  1. Personal development courses

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good accounting or auditing course; they’re very important to what CPAs do each day. But growing and learning personally is just as important, which is why we offer a large number of personal development courses for credit.

Courses like How to Stress Less and Achieving Your Personal and Business Goals can help you improve your personal life, but can also give you skills that will translate to your CPA work. These personal development courses can give you credit hours while also giving you practical tools for your life.

  1. We’re a one-stop shop

Because we offer such a wide variety of courses, from ethics to retirement and estate planning, we’re a one-stop shop when it comes to your CPA re-certification. No matter your state’s requirements, they can be met through our continuing education courses online.

  1. We’re a mom and pop business

We’re not just here because we want your money. We aren’t here to overcharge you or make the process difficult through convoluted processes.

We’re a small, mom and pop-owned business, and we’re here because we believe in the power of education.

  1. Interactive courses and webinars

Though having continuing education courses online for CPAs allows for you to learn and gain credits as you need them with little disruption to your day, some people prefer a more interactive learning environment. We have a great mix of courses that are self-study and courses that are interactive, like our Auditing Developments of 2018 course.

We also offer weekly webinars that allow a little more interaction and on demand videos that can give you that human touch without you needing to leave your couch or office.

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